About Me

Austin Davis
Austin Davis

My name’s Austin Davis and I’m a senior at the University of Michigan studying Communication Studies and German. During my four years at the University, I’ve accomplished quite a bit, although it feels like just yesterday that I was entering my first lecture hall: I spent a year interning at Michigan RadioI formerly held a graduate communications position at the University’s LGBTQ center, The Spectrum Center; I studied abroad for a year in Freiburg, Germany where I finished my degree in German; and I write a column for The Michigan Daily

I’d consider myself an activist in my own right. I’ve participated in protests surrounding civil-rights violations, I’ve worked on political campaigns since I was a boy, and more recently, I’ve focused many of my columns on civil-rights and activism—particularly concerning the LGBTQ community. For these reasons, I chose to focus on the changing climate of activism in the modern era as a result of digital disruption for the requirements of this course, Communications 439. I hope you follow along as I work towards assessing the use of new media in achieving the particular goals of individuals advocating for their rights in the era of Activism 2.0


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activism in the age of accessibility